Annual Reviews - With most insurance companies out there, you only hear from them when there is a payment due, or you are receiving a quote. At Synergy Group Insurance, our goal is to review your policies annually. Life is a constant roller coaster. Insurance can be the same way... Making sure your bank information is listed on your auto policy, getting correct information to a mortgage company, assisting with deciding how much coverage you need to increase/decrease your life insurance policy, taking care of those commercial insurance audits... Synergy has done it all!

Claims - As careful as anyone can be... insurance is there for when problems arise. Contact us directly when there is an issue. Our team will explain your options, specific to your policy. We will make suggestions before the carrier is contacted to ensure the claim is worth filing before your policy is affected!

Billing - Have a question on your bill? Give us a call. We can process monthly bills, renewals, or answer questions if something doesn't make sense

New Business - Need an insurance quote? Just had a rate increase with your current carrier? Have you moved into our area from out of state? Have you had an insurance company non-renew or cancel your insurance? No problem! We have a wide variety of companies that can fit your need. With a few minutes of your time, we'll have a solution and proof of insurance sent to you within minutes!

Signing up for insurance is the first step in our agency. Wouldn't you like the peace of mind of knowing that your insurance agent is managing your policies so you don't have to? As much as we love signing up a new customer to our agency, we strive to have an ongoing relationship with our current clients! Life is full of unexpected turns. Our agency is committed to finding solutions every step of the way.

Synergy Group Insurance 

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